The Automated Fuel Delivery System (AFD) will help you by improving your cash flow, as well as freeing up your time and resources for other business endeavors. With AFD, your fuel tanks are monitored and automatically refilled so you always have a reliable supply of high-quality fuel without having to check tanks and worry about orders.  You are billed on a monthly basis only for the fuel that you actually use each month. The price you are billed is based on the monthly average of fuel delivered to your farm directly from the lowest cost terminal. You will gain peace of mind that comes from knowing that you do not have to worry about delays because you run short of fuel. It will also help you in fuel buying because you will not have to worry about buying or contracting fuel at the correct time or price as you will receive the average price for the month. You will still have the option of locking in a favorable price if you so choose. 

 If you would like more information regarding Automated Fuel Delivery, please call the office at (319)822-4291

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